“Our neighborhood has changed, but our spirit will always remain the same.”

The Birth of Calumet Day

In the fall of 1993, Tony Butler sent a letter to all the churches in the Calumet area of East Chicago. He had the idea of starting an annual celebration for the area. Tony soon met with Linda Grant and Machell Burse-Walden at the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Center. Gloria Gregory, Randall Artis and Arthur Kendricks were also present at the meeting.

More people became involved in the organization process. Tommie Grant, Angela Daniels, Elizabeth Biddings, Dell Gary, Ethel Lewis, James R. Scott, R.P. Jackson, Brenda Walker, Mrs. Sims, Barbara Leonard Tyner and others came soon after. Tony Butler and Linda Grant became the first co-chairs of the event, Machell Burse-Walden was appointed secretary and James R. Scott was appointed Treasurer.

There were many Calumet resident and area churches in the making of Calumet Day. Mrs. Angela Daniels, Mrs. Elizabeth Biddings, Mrs. Dell Gary, Mrs. Tommie L. Grant, Mrs. EthelLewis, Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, Mr. James R. Scott, Mr. R.P. Jackson, M. Charles Scott and Barbara Leonard Tyner were members who have passed on, but not forgotten. They worked tirelessly by helping to mold Calumet Day into what it is today, they will be missed. The First Calumet Day we placed choir bleachers in the center of the old basketball court in which we took a community panorama picture. Numerous church choirs participated in the mini-gospel fest, each block of Calumet from Chicago Avenue to the north, 151st to the South, Kennedy to the east Gladiola.

The first dance was held at the ¬†Post 369 Club, the theme was called “Cream Green and Gold” Dinner Dance. This event was held in the Fall of 1995. It was considered a success. Therefore, the Celebration of Calumet Day was established and well on its way.

Randall Artis
2012 President
Concerned Calumet Citizens Committee

Concerned Calumet Citizens Committee, Inc.

Our Mission

  • To love, honor and respect our past and do everything in our power to inspire the residents of the Calumet Community
  • To emphasis the importance of education, to the youth of the Calumet community
  • Focusing on providing high-quality service and information to the residents of the Calumet Community.
  • Insure a solid, well-structured and safe community for all the Calumet residents.
  • Establish a foundation that will ensure the continued growth and well-being of the Calumet Community.

Committee Color-Green

The color green represents: growth, renewals, fruitfulness and a healthy environment. It denotes balance, harmony and stability in our commitment to the Calumet Community.

Goals: To continue the commitment of the Concerned Calumet Citizens Committee Legendary, of the Calumet Community and to reserve the Annual Calumet Day celebration.

Motto: “We Are One”